Winter Recreation Storage Building (June 2020 Update)

Minutes from the FLP Snowmaking Committee meetings are posted on this website (once they are approved at the following meeting). The Committee meets about twice a month. During the June 30, 2020 meeting, information about the planned Winter Recreation Storage Building was shared.  A significant function of this building is to store our new Pisten Bully 100!

See the minutes from that meeting and prior meetings for more information.  Plans for the site (location within Lapham Peak) and the building have been submitted to the State.  At this time, we are still awaiting State approvals from the Department of Administration (DOA) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) but materials and equipment to build it are being lined up now.

We are still short funds to cover the new Pisten Bully 100 and need funds to build the Storage facility.  Please consider how you might be able to help.  Designate gifts to the "Snowmaking Committee" and/or for the "Snow Cat" or "Storage Building".  Thank you!

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