Fright Hike Help

Fri Oct 20 and Sat Oct 21 2017

From Dusk into DARK!

Fright Hike Volunteer

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    You will be part of a VERY FUN night in the woods in the fall at Lapham Peak! Please be prepared for whatever the weather is. This event occurs clear sky or rain or sleet or freezing temperatures. Be prepared to stand and walk in the woods for most of the evening. If you wish to bring a chair you will need to carry it to the part of the 1 mile long trail you will monitor for the evening. Having a flash light with you is a good idea. Wear your High Visibility reflective vest if you have one.
  • We sometimes need to contact each other and use walkie talkies and cell phones during the event.

Fright Hike Pumpkin

Encourage anyone interested to put on a Scary Scene!  Performance Opportunities are open for Halloween skits.
Town of Delafield Recreation contact is Angie at

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