Donations by Supporters Like YOU make up the Majority of Funding for Snowmaking on the Nordic Ski Trails at Lapham Peak!

Make tax-deductible donations
payable to “Lapham Peak Friends/ Snowmaking”
mail to:
W329 N846 Hwy C
Delafield, WI 53018
(Be sure donation is marked with the word “Snowmaking”) 
Blizzard Challenge 2014

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You may donate online using the button below. Please note a fee (charged to Snowmaking) of 6.5% plus $1.00)

snowmaking-pictureTremendous progress has been made since the Snowmaking project began. The well, pond,electrical outlets, and new more capable pump will all be used for 2014-2015 season.  Thatmeans the DNR staff can immediately make snow when the conditions are right. So while we’re sleeping, the DNR crew will be churning out the snow.  Guess the correct day for our first and last manmade snow next season and win a prize from a local ski shop!

The next trail extension will extend the inner loop to the south for a few hundred yards and then head up the lighted hill to the crossover and then loop back down to the 1K loop. With the new pump being installed in the fall of 2014 we have the ability to cover the uphill called “Two Tier” and the down hill called “Hoot Owl” with manmade snow as the donations come in to pay for the piping and electrical needed along those parts of the trail. When this is completed, it will not only offer excellent skiing when mother nature hasn’t given us snow, plus the loops will have enough variety to satisfy the most critical.

As of March, 2005, $82,238 had been raised. As of December, 2009, that figure has exceeded to $190, 000. But we are presently in need of more donations to expand the manmade section to include the above additions. You can help keep the “snowball” rolling. A donation of any amount is appreciated.  Special recognition will be given to donors who meet these levels:

  • Avalanche $10,000 & Up
  • Glacier     $5,000
  • Blizzard   $1,000
  • Snowman $500
  • Snowball $100

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